In the Studio! The Fun Stuff & The Not So Fun Stuff

Two days after the recording date of my upcoming album I met a new friend, I told him I had just graduated from school so he asked what I was up to. Since the making of an album is sort of a big deal, I told him I had just been in the studio. He was so excited and asked me: ''Where can I listen to it? Is the album on Spotify?''. I thought it was really cute, because, as you probably know if you are a musician yourself, it takes a bit more than a few days to get an album pieced together.

The recording day in itself is a lot to manage. You are responsible for several things. Since we recorded in a studio that's in the suburbs my plans included bringing food, driving people back and forth and then actually playing. A day like this involves high level multitasking. We recorded 8 tunes on that day. Tight... but we managed! I was very fortunate to be working with Simon Fagerstedt and Juan Mejia. I can never thank them enough for all they do. We've been playing together for about 2 years and they are a big part of the project.

We also had Jason Palmer, Tucker Antell and Kan Yanabe join the band on this special day. They brought such wonderful energy into the music.

Now that we are in the mixing process, I'm working on some not so fun stuff, which includes, but is not limited to copyrights, mechanical licenses, manufacturing, and distribution issues. Also, trying to decide how not to just give away all the hard work is a big task. In this day and age it seems like we, musicians, don't have a lot of choice but to make $0.00066481 each time someone clicks play on Spotify. With some luck people will actually pay for our work, meaning buying an album. Whew... that is easily another blog in itself. But let's just keep in mind that if you want to support new independent music, paying for it is a good idea :)

Anyway, there is actually more fun stuff left. The artwork is well underway. Mastering and making physical copies come next AND we will release some videos that we recorded in the studio as well. In the meantime all I have to share with you are those still images above and some of my thoughts on the process.


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