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When I was about 7 years old I read somewhere that every year gets shorter; I remember thinking that it was some kind of scientific fact. Later on I realized that it was nothing more than the popular phrase ‘‘time flies’’ the one we hear all adults say as they watch us grow up and take on new responsibilities.

Just until recently I started to get that ‘‘time flies’’ thing. Up until the beginning of this year I felt the complete opposite; every day, every week and every month felt pretty long and slow. It just took graduating from college for time to go at a decent speed and last week as I was heading home to my family to spend the holidays with them I couldn’t believe the year was coming to an end. I told to myself ‘‘I have done nothing’’ but as I look back while writing this I realize that this year has been full of new experiences and has gifted me precious memories that I’m sure I’ll cherish more and more with time. Sometimes ‘‘new’’ entitles stuff hard to classify as pleasant or happy. But I think new is always good in that you will definitely learn something.

I tend to be hard on myself, but I’ve started feeling proud of myself on many occasions (and for that I’m proud as well) not necessarily because I’ve achieved some goals, but because I have stepped out of my comfort zone a lot, always learning something in the process, thankful that I even got the opportunity to try something new.

At times I’ve been sad after stepping out of my comfort zone, only to realize that I’ve learned a ton even if the outcome was not what I expected. In the end every disappointment, big or small, adds strength to my character and experience for future attempts.

At times I’ve also felt conflicting ideas and feelings about the gigs I take. Sometimes the gigs look like amazing opportunities and in a way they are. But at the same time when you feel some people don’t value time and effort appropriately you question your decision to take that gig. Their disorganization and lack of appreciation makes you feel pointless.

However, I know those experiences are good because I know that whenever it is my turn to lead and I am the one held accountable for any given event, I’ll do it the right way. Fair to others and fair to me, and true to what I believe. I’ll make sure to treat my fellow musicians to the best of my abilities.

I am starting the New Year enjoying every minute of my life after college, I find it more pleasant, and yes, sometimes hard and uncertain, but nothing too bad. My biggest take-away this year is to keep trying new things and to appreciate whatever the outcome may be.

Here are some highlights from my year. What are some of yours?

I graduated and got to see my brother graduate as well!

I recorded and produced my first album! (Coming out real soon)

I got my first official teaching job, prepared some of my little students for their first recital ever, and played fun piano duos with them. Kids bring joy to my life; they are sensitive and honest so I get daily reminders about those values.

I’ve spent valuable time with my loved ones and I’ve spent time doing what I love.

I got me a beautiful piano, it had been abandoned for some years so it was full of spiders and dirt, I found a toy on the inside and it was completely out of tune, now I’m giving it lots of love.

I witnessed some killin' concerts. My favorites? A double bill with Kneebody (I was dying to hear Ben Wendel live) and Donny McCasslin, and Harold López-Nussa trio. Harold was my absolute favorite but I didn't get a picture of him :(

I’ll let you wonder about this one.

Bye! :)

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